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About "Loveology"

The aim of the book is to learn how to love fully and completely without losing oneself in the process! What is the difference between loving and being in love or, in other words, between true love and infatuation? Is there such a thing as unconditional love? Or a soulmate? Can we simply decide to love someone and is it true that opposites attract? Why do we cheat on our partners and is it possible to get over it? What do we need to learn from our parents?

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"Loveology" - My Parenting Manifesto

I have made several false starts writing about all sorts of other topics, but to no avail. My thoughts kept bouncing back to a single image, a girl constantly on my mind and in my heart. No matter how hard I tried to concentrate on other things, she was always there, beautiful, charming, unique, literally sweeping me off my feet over and over again. Fear not, I am happily married, perhaps boringly monogamous and with no plans to start cheating on my wife. The girl who has so utterly and completely enchanted me is none other but our daughter, this wonderful, tiny creature who joined our family few of months ago.

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From Loveology (2011) -
You Are Your Sole Soulmate

Although I never thought there was any likelihood of my mentioning Tom Cruise in one of my books, a statement of truly epic proportions by one of his on screen characters has made it inevitable. I believe most women remember that crucial moment in `Jerry Maguire` when – after talking to Cuba Gooding Jr., the realization of what true love really is finally dawns on him. Almost instantly, he is gripped by a huge anxiety and a fear of it slipping away from him. In a dramatic gesture possible only in light romantic comedies, he drops everything and rushes to his beloved and then comes up with a truly momentous statement 'You complete me'! The collective sigh let out by the female part of the audience was almost palpable. It was almost as if that single sigh epitomized an age-old yearning for something or someone that would make them whole. They all seemed to have that oh-finally-someone-who-understands-look too.

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"School of life" -
Compromise vs. Compromising Your True Self

This is in fact, simple and straightforward. Each and every one of us has only one life. Your life is not a dress rehearsal; it is not a preparatory exercise for something greater or better. This is IT! There is only one life. Although I do believe that a part of us lives on forever one thing is certain, and that is that you will never again exist as you are now, at this precise point in time and place. Moreover, there has never been and there never will be someone else quite like you. You are a unique, powerful, creational being made to enjoy your own lovingness. So, what is it you wish to do – simply survive, get from one day to the next or live your life to the full?

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